Micromodule [Ref​.​005]

by Vortex Count

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ALBUM; Micromodule
ARTIST; Vortex Count
SevenMoons Music Ref. 7M_005

Date; 07.08.2013

Genre; Abstract, Glitch, Experimental.
Artwork. Nicolas Koroloff
Creative Commons License.

Vortex Count is an electronic project from Bilbao, characterized by the basic use of oscillators, mainly sine waves and noise parts, managed by frequencies in different ways to create a microscopic concept of sound.
Rhythmically, beat patterns are created using a discrete range of tones and noises, generated by different hard / soft tools, and even data files transformed into glitchy sounds reconstructed always searching for the error to create a sense that drives tracks close to a mechanical system moved by ciclycal particles.
Even though having less presence in most tracks, ambient textures also have an important role with little or static sense of pulse. Some tracks even develop the usage of those textures as a main element.
In addition to working as a solo artist, he ́s involved as "Codeinn" in other projects such as "Add Obscurae", a dark techno / idm act, that keeps hypnotic textures, noises , bleeps as a fundamental part of the arrange.
All of this is possible due to the influence of the trial / error method, life cycle particles, industrial contexts, binary code, inertia without movement and indirect light.


released July 8, 2013




7MNS Music

Sevenmoons Music was born on the year 2012 with the idea of promoting music projects and sound artists within the ambient, modern classic, electro acoustic, drone, sound experimentation and all the other styles out of the electronic music that are less conventional.
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