Vuelo Libre [Ref​.​018]

by vv.aa

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The album VUELO LIBRE [Free Flight] is part of Anna Stereopoulou's project « circe :the black cut: » -greatly encouraged also by Seven Moons Music- and consists of nine tracks composed by its participants. The artists -coming all from different corners of the world- were invited to read the project's theme in order to get inspired and contribute to the formation of a family work. Six of them composed a complete piece and some created various recordings /poems /texts, all of them reflecting moments of their memories, dreams, vibrant pensiveness and sounds of their every day life near or away from their home, which were finally set in three new tracks worked as an 'audio montage' by Anna Stereopoulou and signed as "CIRCE Family Work".
The album includes both music and spoken words (in six languages) and wishes to work as a soundtrack of the listener's own imaginary film. It is available on Seven Moons as Digital Format and Free Downloading. It has come to life thanks to the artistic contribution of the following artists [a-z]: Charles Antony ~ Asymmetroi Faroi ~ Ilias Charis ~ Yianna Dellatolla ~ Jennifer Eberhardt ~ Erissoma ~ Francis Etto [with Glaucus Noia] ~ Huixtralizer ~ Katerina Iliopoulou ~ Hechem El Jed [with Walyeddine Messaoudi & Emna Omri] ~ Stathis Kampylis ~ Katie Mavromati ~ nobodisoundz [with Mona] ~ Nickos Roumpakis ~ SKRU2URKS ~ Sonic Crime (Nick Piliouris) ~ Anna Stereopoulou ~ Carlos Suero ~ Kyriakos Tsoukalas ~ Vortex Count ~ Whodoes (Vasilis Chountas) ~ Xyramat.
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released December 15, 2014

Digital Album ~ Free Download Released: December 15th, 2014 on 7MNS Music ~ License: Creative Commons [some rights reserved (] Style: Acoustic, Ambient, Art Music, Cinematic, Drone, Dubstep, Experimental, Glitch, Modern Classical, Noise, Spoken, World Music Album Cover Image by Apostolis Mantelas [Katerina Iliopoulou in Lefteris's coach / Amorgos island, Greece, 1990] Cover Title Fonts designed by Nickos Roumpakis /lamδa/ The Album Artwork -designed by annAStereo- is inspired by the works of the painter Katie Mavromati and her latest personal Multiple-Layers -portraits and- painting technique, as well as her recent collaboration with photographer Noora Alshoweir [first joint work presented at the CIRCE :The Black Cut: exhibition (December 15-20, 2014, Athens, GR)].




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Sevenmoons Music was born on the year 2012 with the idea of promoting music projects and sound artists within the ambient, modern classic, electro acoustic, drone, sound experimentation and all the other styles out of the electronic music that are less conventional.
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