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Music Composed, Performed, Produced by KrAtOS [aka Diego Strazzullo]
Date of Creation: October 1, 2015
An artistic contribution to the project, CIRCE The Black Cut and a response to its Open Call 2015

Telegono is an audio suggestion composed live with very few overdubs. The idea was to express a rhythm hypnotic to get onto the myth, over the time, to keep a pure memory of this spiritual call. The composition is made by three parts, the first one is the magic of Circe, the second is a childish memory of Telegono tryng to get a linear melody over the mass of the dark matter, then the last part is the bravery and the rationality of Ulisse.

Technical Info:
- Software: Reason 5, Ableton 8.3, FabFilters
- Hardware: Boeringer BCR2000, UC-33, Korg n-kontrol

Short Bio:
KrAtOS real name Diego Strazzullo was born in Naples, Italy in 1978. He starts early to play classic piano and soon was hypnotized by the industrial experimental UK scene (Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Psychik TV) discovered by tape cassettes of his uncle. At the end of 90s he was captured by DUB (Bill Laswell, Adrian Sherwood, Almamegretta, Scorn) and he started to process sounds with the intention to melt a lot of differents influences. With music he found big friendships in Naples (BLACKYB., FONOTECA, SODOSTUDIO) but in 2009 he left Naples to Greece for work. The joy of music-making still alive, thanks to social networks he collaborate with others producers and artists customizing a proper style: a dark experimental DUB. By agoust at december 2012 he collect 18 tracks with the same noir spirit into a Lp called "Seventh", a cinematografic hommage to Bergman piece "The seventh seal". Actually KrAtOS still collaborating in project SYNAPSIS with BLACKY B.. Then he starts other collaborations, and release an Ep for Axaminer records called "Hypothalamic transitions", an Lp for Speceal Orbeats "Abductions", and another Ep "Europa" for Kopoc Label.


from VOX [Ref​.​025], released December 19, 2015




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