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Music Composed, Performed, Produced by iRate [aka Leo Doran]
Date of Creation: October 2015
An artistic contribution to the project, CIRCE The Black Cut and a response to its Open Call 2015

“The specter of the witch haunts both fact and fiction. She is all at once wizened hag, poison apple in hand; learned spinster, married to her books; and enchanting seductress with bared breasts and hypnotic stare. Although she may inhabit the same pop culture pantheon as vampires, zombies, and werewolves, the witch has long been a symbol of fear not because she can harness forces that transcend this mortal coil, but because she embodies the a powerful femininity free from male influence or ownership. Indeed throughout history the figure of the witch has both challenged and reflected patriarchal narratives about female power, making her one of the most enduring feminist icons of all time.” Kristen Korvette


from VOX [Ref​.​025], released December 19, 2015




7MNS Music

Sevenmoons Music was born on the year 2012 with the idea of promoting music projects and sound artists within the ambient, modern classic, electro acoustic, drone, sound experimentation and all the other styles out of the electronic music that are less conventional.
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