Sandy Cuts [Ref​.​002]

by Godafoss

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The second reference from SevenMoons, comes on the heels of Godafoss. "SANDY CUTS" was born, but not inspired by, on the night that hurricane Sandy was over the East Coast on the year 2012.
After getting many messages over the Web about its progress over land and its potential of destruction.

The messages were creating an atmosphere of desolation, painting a collapse of cities; leaving humans, once again, naked under the influence of Nature.
"SANDY CUTS", started with these messages; and it was evolving onto three pieces that mixed with each other, like the storm did that night.

These three pieces talk about The Alarm, The Emergency & The Collapse, of human control.

Also includes the recording of this work at a live concert by Godafoss in the "Iam gallery" in the cycle organized by Piovra colecctive LME in the last year.

Live Set:(Recorded live for PIOVRA at IAM Gallery exhibition - Oct-2012)
Actual recorded messages
Emergency call and warning messages from the USA Weather Forecast Agency website
Moog Analogue Filters
Doepher Analogue Synths
Korg Monotron
Analogue Distortion Effects


released April 5, 2013

Ref_ 7M.002
Album: Sandy cuts
Artist: Godafoss
Year: 2013
Label: SevenMoons

01. The Alarm
02. The Collapse
03. The Emergency

Bonus Tracks:
04. Godafoss Sandy Live Part #1
05. Godafoss Sandy Live Part #2




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